Link to one of Doreen's storytelling performances:

Monthly performances on a theme at:

  • Bow View Manor

Weekly performances on a theme at:

  • Scenic Acres Retirement Community

Doreen performed as Emily Murphy at the Famous Five Foundation event (Oct. 2018)


Short Fiction

"Amusement Park" (July 2016): Loft 112 - Long Lunch, Quick Reads

"The Clearing" (Fall 2014): Prairie Fire Magazine

"A Good Day" (January 2014):

"Old Crow" (November 2013): Epiphany Magazine Online

"Borrowed Daughter" (October 2013):

"The Clearing" (October 2013): Hon. Mention in Brenda Strathern Late Bloomers Contest

"Gertie" (June 2012): (scroll to bottom of page)

Flash Fiction

"Getting Carried Away in my Car" (July 2011): CBC website pick-of-the-day

"Amusement Park" (June 2011): Finalist in Writers Union of Canada contest

"Streaker" (February 2011): CBC website pick-of-the-day for ‘Stranger than Fiction’ contest


TALES (The Alberta League Encouraging Storytelling):

Writer's Guild of Alberta:

Alexandra Writers' Centre Society:

Loft 112:

Lori Hahnel, Writer:

Merilyn Simonds, Writer/Editor:

Mary Hays, Storyteller:

Shaun Hunter, Writer:

Marie Bryce, Storyteller:

Karen Gummo, Storyteller:

Shelf Life Books:

Creative Non-Fiction Collective:



Silvera for Seniors (Dec. 3 to 19): Perform stories and songs for "Christmas Around the World" at all 9 Silveraproperties.

Coburn Community Centre (Dec. 2): Perform songs for Christmas party.

Kairos Blanket Exercise: Performed as European in Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes' presentation of Indigenous history in Canada pre- and post-Contact

  • National Energy Board (Nov. 21)
  • Commons Church (Oct. 13)
  • National Food Inspection Agency (May 23)
  • National Sport School (May 9)
  • St. Leo's Centre (May 4)
  • Montessori School (Apr. 30)
  • St. Andrew's Church (Apr. 11)

The Swan (Nov. 19): Performed stories and songs with Betty Hersberger for "Home Sweet Home" show.

Buffalo Trails School District: Performed songs and family stories with Mary Hays in show entitled "Women in War"

  • Provost School (Nov. 16 - 4 shows for Grades 2 to 12)
  • Vermilion Elementary School (Nov. 15 pm - 2 shows for Grades 2 to 6)
  • Kitscoty Jr/Sr High School (Nov. 15 am - 2 shows for Grades 9 to 11)
  • E.H. Walter School in Paradise Valley (Nov. 14 pm - 2 shows for Grades 3 to 12)
  • Irma School (Nov. 13 pm - 2 shows for Grades 3 to 12)
  • Wainwright High School (Nov. 13 am - 2 shows for Grades 10-12)

Scenic Acres Seniors Residence (Nov. 9): Performed songs and family stories with Mary Hays for Remembrance Day event.

Belfast School (Nov. 7): Performed songs and family stories with Mary Hays in "Women in War" program for Grade 2 class.

TALES Story Cafe (Oct. 31): Performed story and songs for "Tales from the Crypt" hosted by Michael Newsom and Mary Hays.

Famous Five Foundation Person's Case Anniversary (Oct. 18): Performed at Emily Ferguson Murphy.

Panel Member "Storytelling: It's a Thing!" (Sept. 12): Participated in discussion of storytelling as a career.

The Swan (Aug. 20) - Stories and songs about trains with Betty Hersberger.

Storytellers of Canada Conference - Peterborough (July 5-7): Performer in story showcase & workshop presenter.

Calgary Zoo (June 27): Presented storytelling workshop with Mary Hays.

Silvera for Seniors campfires (June 11 to July 19): Performed program "Stories and Songs from Around the World" at all 9 Silvera properties.

Loft 112 (May 9): Presented storytelling workshop with Mary Hays.

Scenic Acres Seniors Residence (May 6): Three storytelling/music sets at the Annual Open House.

TALES Calgary Story Cafe (Apr. 25): Performed Dutch folktale.

"The Jester of Malahide Castle" (March 17): Director/host/storyteller in TALES Calgary's celebration of World Storytelling Day.

Aspen Woods Retirement Community (March 17): St. Patrick's Day celebration with stories and songs.

St. David’s Church (Feb. 2): Performance of Canadian stories and songs for the Friendship Club.

High Performance Rodeo "Trophy" show (Jan. 17 - 19): Stories of transformation in the atrium of Calgary Municipal Building.


Chateau Renoir (November 9): Remembrance Day performance of stories and songs with Mary Hays.

Canada 150 Concert (November 4): Co-produced concert with Mary Hays in celebration of Canada 150.

Anniversary of the Persons Case (October 18): Appeared as Emily Ferguson Murphy at the Famous Five monument at Olympic Plaza.

Hillhurst United Church (October 14): Led storytelling workshop with Mary Hays and Gordon Churchill.

Rotary Club (September 14): Presented an overview of TALES and performed "Liberation," the story of my parents' experience in Holland at the end of WWII.

"Stories on the Way: Tales of Movement and Migration" (September 13): Co-hosted storytelling open mic at Eau Claire Market.

Silvera for Seniors campfires (August 14 - 28): Performed stories and songs to celebrate Canada 150 at all of 9 Silvera properties in Calgary.

Skyline Hikers of the Canadian Rockies (August 6 to 12): Led songs and told stories at the nightly campfires.

Canadian Stories Magazine Biennial Conference in Drumheller (August 4): Storyteller for opening night of conference.

Alexandra Writers' Centre Society (July 24): Presented Storytelling 101 workshop. 

Spine-tingling Tales (July 8 in Edmonton): Performed story "Brabo and the Giant" at the Edmonton Cemetery.

Canada Day (Olds, Alberta): Stories and songs in celebration of Canada 150 with Mary Hays and Betty Hersberger.

Chinatown Tour (June 23): Performed "Ghost Train" during tour hosted by Dale Lee Kwong.

Didsbury Library (June 21): Stories and songs on railway theme with Betty Hersberger.

Seton Retirement Community (June 19): Songs and stories for Father's Day tribute.

Aspen Woods Retirement Community (June 19): Songs and stories for Father's Day tribute. 

"See Olds First" (June 17): Songs and story in a play of stories produced by Mary Hays.

Westview Retirement Community (June 14): Stories and songs on railway theme with guest performer, Betty Hersberger.

Seniors Week - Scenic Acres Retirement Community (June 9): Stories and songs on railway theme with guest performer, Betty Hersberger.

Storytelling Concert for Didsbury Canada 150 celebration (June 6): Co-hosted event and performed stories and music.

TALES Storytelling Festival (May 26): Performed during evening concert on the theme of "Canadian Spirits."

Jane's Walk (May 5): Performed during Jane's Walk tour of Chinatown.

TALES Story Cafe (April 26): Performed story and song on the theme "Wash Day Blues." 

World Storytelling Day Concert (March 18): Co-produced and performed in concert to celebrate Canada 150.

Chateau Renoir (February 14): Stories and songs about love with Mary Hays.

Amica - Aspen Woods Seniors Community (February 7): Stories and songs about love.

Private Birthday Party (February 4): Stories and songs tailored to the celebrant.

Chinatown Tour (January 20): Performed story during tour hosted by Dale Lee Kwong.

City of Calgary, Recreation, Culture Division (January 17): Co-led workshop on storytelling with Cassy Welburn.


Skyline Hikers Camp (August 1 to 5): Performed stories and songs around evening campfires at a backcountry camp.

Edmonton Federal Building, Alberta Legislature (July 23): Period songs to accompany a piece by Mary Hays about her pioneer grandmother.

Centennial Park Gazebo, Olds, AB (Canada Day): Period songs to accompany Nellie McClung (played by Mary Hays) making a speech about universal suffrage.

Scenic Acres Seniors Residence (Canada Day): Stories and songs for a Canada Day tribute to multi-culturalism. 

TALES Edmonton Storytelling Festival (May 28): Two shows (one for adults; one for children) on the theme of trains and railway building in Canada.

CJSW Radio (May 12): Stories from the February Story Cafe on "Charmer's Almanac." Check it out (Blue checker board icon at bottom - Doreen's story at 00:46).

St. Sebastian School (May 4): Train stories and songs.

Emmanuel Christian Reformed Church (April 29): An evening of song and story about "Spring."

TALES Calgary Story Cafe (February 24): Doreen hosted the Cafe and performed with guest performers on the theme of "Wind."