Watershed was released on May 1, 2020 and is available at:

Shelf Life Books (1302 – 4th Street SW Calgary AB)
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Also available at your local bookstore or click:

Freehand Books

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Watershed on the Bestseller Lists 

June 27/20: #9 for fiction in Calgary in the Calgary Herald

June 12/20: The Book Publishers Association of Alberta shortlisted Watershed for the new "Alberta Reads Book Club"

May 23/20: #1 for fiction in Calgary in the Calgary Herald

May 17/20: #5 for fiction in Alberta on Book Publishers Association of Alberta

April 25/20: #2 for fiction in Calgary in the Calgary Herald 

April 19/20: #6 for fiction in Alberta on Book Publishers Association of Alberta

April 12/20: #2 in Alberta on Book Publishers Association of Alberta


Online Coverage

July 9, 2020: The Calgary Public Library hosted a "Books & Ideas" webinar where Doreen joined renowned scientist Bob Sandford for a discussion entitled "Our Vanishing Glaciers." To watch the recording, click here.

July 2020: Doreen will be appearing at the Victoria Festival of Authors (VFA) this fall on a panel with Catherine Hernandez (Crosshairs), Zsuzsi Gartner (The Beguiling) and Mallory Tater (The Birth Yard). The VFA recently interviewed Doreen: click here.

Spring 2020: Watershed was part of the Draw the Word Spring Book Challenge sponsored by the Writers' Trust of Canada. For info, click here.

June 30 at 7 pm: Writer's Guild of Alberta Online Reading Series. For info, click here.

April 30/20: Watershed was featured in Launchpad, an initiative of 49th Shelf. Check it out here.

April 28/20: Watershed was featured on NAC #CanadaPerforms. To watch, click here.

April 26/20: Eco-fiction site Dragonfly.eco connected with Watershed here.


Launch events

April 26/20: Doreen Vanderstoop and Freehand Books hosted a virtual launch of Watershed. To watch, click here.

Warburg, AB... (Postponed due to COVID-19)

Date: Saturday, May 2, 2020

Place: Warburg Seniors Centre (5020 52 Street)

Time: 12 pm (lunch served)

RSVP: dvanderstoop@gmail.com

Edmonton...(Postponed due to COVID-19)

Date: Sunday, May 3, 2020

Place: Audreys Books (10702 Jasper Avenue)

Time: 2 pm

High River, AB...(Postponed due to COVID-19)

Date: Friday, May 8

Place: High River Library (909 1 St SW)

Time: 4 pm

Pincher Creek, AB...(Postponed due to COVID-19)

Date: Saturday, May 9

Place: Allied Arts Council (696 Kettles Street)

Time: 2 pm

Red Deer, AB...(Postponed due to COVID-19)

Date: Friday, June 19

Place: Sunworks Living (4913 Gaetz Ave)

Time: 7 pm

It is 2058, and the glaciers are gone. A catastrophic drought has hit the prairies. Willa Van Bruggen is desperately trying to keep her family goat farm afloat, hoping against hope that the new water pipeline arrives before the bill collectors do.

Willa’s son, Daniel, goes to work for the pipeline corporation instead of returning to help the family business. When Daniel reveals long-concealed secrets about his grandfather’s death, Willa’s world truly shatters. She’s losing everything she values most: her farm, her son, her understanding of the past
— and even her grip on reality itself.

Vividly illustrating the human cost of climate change, Watershed is a page-turner of a novel about forgiveness, adaptation, and family bonds.


Media Coverage

June 2020: Prairie Books Now featured an article on Watershed in their Spring/Summer 2020 issue: click here to read.

May 5/20: CBC.ca named Watershed one of the 12  Canadian books they can't wait to read: click here for more info.

May 4/20: Doreen had the pleasure of a lit chat with  Doug Dirks of CBC's The Homestretch in Calgary: click here to listen.

April 24/20: Check out the article by Eric Volmers in the Calgary Herald: click here.

April 17/20: The Globe and Mail Spring Books Review named Watershed one of 16 best new reads in fiction: click here.


Praise for Watershed

Author Gordon Jones reviewed Watershed on his website: click here.

"I just finished Watershed. I loved it. I must say it has made me extremely grateful for the water in my kitchen tap, and the sight of the canal outside our window. I learned a lot, enjoyed the read, the story was gripping, the editing was good (I hate badly edited books!), and the characters appealing. Well done! and thank you for a story that raises our awareness of climate change."


"This finely crafted cli-fI novel is not just about the preciousness of water in a warming world. It is about watersheds in our relationships with one another and our relations with the places in which we live. It is about the courage and resourcefulness that we need to possess when hope begins to evaporate in hot winds that scorch a drying, dying land. It is about memory, devotion, family loyalty and the choices we have to make at each of those watershed moments in our lives in which we find everything around us has changed. It is also, however, about turns of fate and how even the most intractable problems can resolve themselves in unexpectedly positive ways. Read it!"

    BOB SANDFORD, Chair, Water & Climate Security, United Nations University, Institute for Water, Environment & Health

“I absolutely adored Watershed!”                                           JEN SLOANE, Brampton Library

“Doreen Vanderstoop takes us into a future that feels more likely every day. The Van Bruggen family could be any of us, forced to adapt to a rapidly changing world. Watershed is a timely, beautifully rendered and prescient work.”
     ANN ERIKSSON author of The Performance

“Riveting... Watershed is the best kind of futuristic fiction, the kind that becomes grass-roots reality as we read.”
     WAYNE GRADY author of Up From Freedom

“Vanderstoop’s dystopian novel marries love of place, the power of human relationships and the hard reality of climate change.”
     KEVIN VAN TIGHEM author of Our Place

“This is us with just a few more decades on the Doomsday Clock. A future too well imagined, too likeable and plausible, to disown.”
     FRED STENSON author of Who by Fire


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